Contempt Actions & Citations

Contempt Actions and Citation Representation
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I have over 36 years experience in the practice areas of Family Law, Divorce Law, Alimony, Parental Rights, Property Distribution, Family Law Appeals, Adoption, Child Custody, Child Support, Parental Alienation and more. 

Contempt Actions and Citations
Family Law Attorney Grand Junction, Colorado

Contempt actions and citations can include instances such as failing to pay child support, not adhering to visitation schedules, ignoring financial judgments, or disregarding restraining orders. 

I provide essential support for individuals involved in legal disputes where one party fails to comply with a court order. Contempt of court is a serious matter that can arise in various legal contexts, including family law. It involves willful disobedience of a court order, undermining the court’s authority and obstructing justice.

I am an experienced attorney with many years of practice in contempt actions and citations. My firm offers comprehensive legal assistance to both plaintiffs seeking to enforce court orders and defendants accused of contempt. Legal representation is crucial when you hope to ensure compliance with court directives and protect the rights and interests of all parties involved.

The process of initiating a contempt action is taxing and requires attention to many moving parts, including identifying the violation, gathering evidence, and more. 

Expert legal representation is crucial for those accused of contempt to ensure a fair defense. I will work hard to refute the allegations and demonstrate that any alleged non-compliance was unintentional, unavoidable, or based on a legitimate misunderstanding of the court order. 

Legal representation for contempt actions and citations is essential for favorable and just outcomes. With a skilled family law attorney, you can confidently navigate the complexities of contempt proceedings, protect your rights, and ensure that justice is served. 

Whether seeking to enforce a court order or defend against allegations of contempt, an experienced attorney provides the necessary guidance and advocacy to achieve fair and just outcomes.

Handling All of Your Family Law Matters

  • Marital property valuation and division

  • Paternity law, termination of parental rights

  • Prenuptial agreements, enforcement litigation

  • Domestic violence issues, restraining order petitions, TRO violations defense

  • Stepparent adoption, guardianship petitions

  • Contempt actions and citations

  • Grandparents rights

36+ Years Providing Legal Services for Contempt Actions & Citations in Grand Junction, Colorado and Surrounding Areas

Jim Giese Divorce Attorney Grand Junction CO

James W. Giese, P.C.
Attorney at Law
Grand Junction, CO

The Attorney Who Gets Things Done

I am a trial lawyer who has practiced law in Grand Junction and Western Colorado for more than 36 years. I graduated from Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College in 1987, and began practicing in Grand Junction in 1988.

I have been practicing continuously since then and have substantial experience in the courtroom. I have earned a reputation of quality and effective legal work. I take pride in providing personal attention to each of my cases, protecting the rights of my clients, and successfully navigating my cases to a proper resolution. 

As a long time resident of the Grand Valley, I am an active participant in the community. I am a past President of the Grand Junction Downtown Lion’s Club. I have also served as President of the Mesa County Pro Bono Project, and have assisted in area youth sports.

When I’m not practicing law, I enjoys spending time in the outdoors of Western Colorado. I’m handy with a fly rod, enjoy hunting and love to ski. 

James W. Giese, P.C.
Attorney at Law

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