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I have over 36 years experience in the practice areas of Family Law, Divorce Law, Alimony, Parental Rights, Property Distribution, Family Law Appeals, Adoption, Child Custody, Child Support, Parental Alienation and more. 

Grand Junction Child Custody and Support Modifications

Once your divorce is finalized, you may experience a sense of relief. With maintenance payments established and child custody and support set in place, you can finally step away from the stress of your divorce. As times goes on, however, circumstances can change. Even when seemingly insignificant changes take place, it’s important to consult with an attorney to determine modifications to your support payments and alimony.

Ensuring That Your Children Receive Appropriate Financial Support

Many people do not consider the implications of failing to modify their support agreements to reflect their lifestyle changes. At JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. we build strong attorney-client relationships that make it easy for you to reach out to us should you need to make adjustments after your divorce.

Every family’s circumstances are unique, and that is why we take the time to listen to your story, assess your situation and offer practical counsel to ensure that your agreement falls within the law. Common scenarios we regularly help clients address regarding maintenance, custody and child support modifications include:

  • Career changes — promotions, demotions, job loss
  • Relocation — If a career change or other circumstances require one parent to move a significant distance from the other parent, custody modifications may be needed.
  • Changes in children’s needs — Extracurricular activities, school and other factors come into play as children age and their needs change.
  • Emancipation — When a child reaches age 18 or graduates from high school, a contributing parent is no longer obligated to make payments.
  • Illness or injury — If a parent or child is affected by a serious illness or injury, support may be needed to account for long-term treatment, therapy or other medical expenses.
  • Remarriage — If one party remarries, maintenance payments may no longer be required.

Numerous other circumstances may warrant modifications. The best method for ensuring that you are protected is to contact our attorneys. We will keep you informed, help you reach an agreement, and help ensure that you stay on top of your payments, document changes and file any requests appropriately.

Act Quickly To Avoid Penalties For Late Support Payments

Maintenance and child support payments are serious matters. If you fall behind or fail to make your payments, you could face significant penalties such as wage garnishment, being held in contempt, liens on your property and the suspension of a passport or driver’s license.

Contact our law office to take immediate action when significant changes occur or if you are unable to make support payments. We represent clients in Grand Junction as well as those throughout Western Colorado. You can speak with one of our experienced lawyers by calling (970) 245-9227 or by completing our online contact form.

Handling All of Your Family Law Matters

  • Marital property valuation and division

  • Paternity law, termination of parental rights

  • Prenuptial agreements, enforcement litigation

  • Domestic violence issues, restraining order petitions, TRO violations defense

  • Stepparent adoption, guardianship petitions

  • Contempt actions and citations

  • Grandparents rights

36+ Years Providing Child Custody and Support Modification Services in Grand Junction, Colorado and Surrounding Areas

Jim Giese Divorce Attorney Grand Junction CO

James W. Giese, P.C.
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The Attorney Who Gets Things Done

I am a trial lawyer who has practiced law in Grand Junction and Western Colorado for more than 36 years. I graduated from Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College in 1987, and began practicing in Grand Junction in 1988.

I have been practicing continuously since then and have substantial experience in the courtroom. I have earned a reputation of quality and effective legal work. I take pride in providing personal attention to each of my cases, protecting the rights of my clients, and successfully navigating my cases to a proper resolution. 

As a long time resident of the Grand Valley, I am an active participant in the community. I am a past President of the Grand Junction Downtown Lion’s Club. I have also served as President of the Mesa County Pro Bono Project, and have assisted in area youth sports.

When I’m not practicing law, I enjoys spending time in the outdoors of Western Colorado. I’m handy with a fly rod, enjoy hunting and love to ski. 

James W. Giese, P.C.
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